Campaigning for Successful Internal Communication

Written by Frank S. on Tuesday, 22 February 2011. Posted in In The Workplace, Communications

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A well-formed internal communications campaign should be focused on relaying important company information in a clear and concise manner. It will include specific data pertaining to upcoming projects, future plans of the company, and so on. Most internal communications messages today reach workers by way of their company e-mail.


By using this type of communication, internal communications professionals can reduce conflict and avoid wasting company time. Realizing not every company matter needs to turn into a heated discussion, internal communications memos can eliminate the desire of some employees to ‘spout off’ on certain company mandates. If a problem does happen to arise, other employees can continue to work, while a certain worker’s concerns are hashed out. This eliminates time wasted in meetings and having other employees just ‘sitting back’ while one worker has many questions or complaints.


Business executives often sing the praises of effective internal communications, saying this type of communication is a good way to keep workers ‘in the loop,’ and make them feel like they are part of a team- not just grunts feverishly working to complete their assigned tasks with no feedback or encouragement.


Internal communications memos are not used to spread office gossip, to publicly berate an employee, etc. Formal procedures for reprimand are still employed in most offices today, and the outcomes of these meetings are rarely relayed to all workers in any form of communication.

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